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Professional Background


-2 years Community College- Cabrillo College, Aptos, California. Studies: Astronomy, Art, Photography, Martial Arts

-1 year California Polytechic State University- San Luis Obispo, California. Studies: Solar Engineering/Technology and Alternative Energy

-3 years University of California Santa Cruz- Santa Cruz, California. Graduated Dec 1984 B.A. Environmental Studies/ International Sustainable Development

-1 year College of the Siskiyous- Mt Shasta, California. Studies: Computer Science/Web Publishing/Computer Applications/MacIntosh/Wireless Communications


-2 years organizing Anti-Apartheid activittiies (South Africa) at 3 major Universities: UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, and CU Boulder. Brought in speakers, conducted non-violent civil disobedience actions and distributed educational materials.

-2 years organizing/supporting Native American rights for the Navaho/ Hopi peoples of Northern Arizona. Involved and directed political, educational, and material support for those resisting forced relocation from their traditional homeland.

-5 years Anti-Nuclear work. Distributing nationally and Internationally a flier/brochure exposing U.S. Nuclear Weapons FIRST STRIKE policy. Non-Violent Civil Resistance actions and arrests at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant in Colorado, the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Washington State, a Trident II design/production facility in California, the Falcon Air Force base/U.S. Space Command (Star Wars) facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Nevada Test Site, Nevada, the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and MX nuclear missile facilities in Wyoming.

-2 years distributing a flier/brochure nationally and internationally entitled; GLOBAL SURVIVAL 2000. Global issues stated: the threat of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and war, the problems of overpopulation and global poverty; revealing the millions who needlessly and ruthlessly perish every year from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition every year, and the threat to the global environment; CO2 buildup, deforestation, ozone depletion, species loss, pollution and urbanization problems etc...

-1993 to January 1, 2001 (and continuing): the SIGN of Jonas the Prophet. Unifying the 3 great mono-theistic religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. National and International distribution of flier and SIGN, networking by mail and the internet with governments, peace groups, peoples and organizations worldwide.

-1985 to the present: Homeless Activist. Promoting, living, witnessing, experiencing and suffering the trials, tribulations and frustrations of being homeless in the USA. A personal witness to the Most High God for the poor, oppressed, the weak and the weary in a society of gross materialism, physical overabundance and spiritual depravation. A spiritual witness to a society that orchestrates (in every conceivable way) state violence against the lowliest in our world.

-1985 to the present: Global Environmental Activist. Researching, educating and exposing the threat that GLOBAL WARMING poses for humanity worldwide through networking, information exchange and internet e-mail lists. As the #1 international security threat to Mankind in the 21st century, Global Warming represents a supreme threat to the future well-being and security of the planet, but it also signifies a supreme opportunity to the human race to EVOLVE beyond the need to rely on carbon-based fuels for our energy needs. Solar, wind and anti-gravity are the new energy sources for the 21st century.

Favorite Music: Enya, Ofra Haza, Vangelis, Kitaro, Yes, 80's Rock, Journey, Neil Young, Spacemusic and all Reggae
Favorite Films: The Neverending Story, The 10 Commandments, Jesus of Nazareth, Dersu (Russian), Lawrence of Arabia, Dr Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Hero
Favorite Activities: Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Movies, Reading, Internet...
TRAVEL EXPERIENCE -Canada, Mexico, Peru, Hawaii, Israel, Europe (UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria and Greece), and New Zealand.

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