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The Great Unveiling

by Jonas the Prophet

(In Progress...)


1. Chapter 1: International Rothschild Jewry: The Synagogue of Satan

2. Chapter 2: The Global Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Surveillance-Security Complex

3. Chapter 3: The Elite's Global Eugenics/Depopulation Agenda

4. Chapter 4: New World Order/One World Government

5. Chapter 5: Earth: The Pale Blue Dot in Space

6. Chapter 6: The Quest and Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence

7. Chapter 7: The Evolution of Human Consciousness

8. Chapter 8: Jerusalem: City of God/The Divine Covenant

9. Chapter 9: Paradise and the Kingdom of God

10. Chapter 10: Hell and the Eternal Damnation of the Wicked

11. Chapter 11: Judgement Day and the Wrath of God

12. Chapter 12: The Great Unveiling



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